2004-01-13 - 4:53 p.m.

So lessseee...

I spent a good part of today looking for a very important financial binder that should NEVER leave my office. I was really flipping out about it being gone and then I found it, lined up in the line of binders on Dobie's desk.

Dobie has today off but tomorrow he's going to get his head taken off. I don't want to have to start fucking padlocking things but I will.

Speaking of fucking...two people today have told me that I've been more vulgar today than usual. Two people who I see every single day have said that they were shocked to hear "fuck" come out of my mouth.

Have these people met me? What the fuck?

Watched Ellie's part of "If these walls could talk 2" today with Cheryl and she says "I only like hot lesbians." SHUT UP...ELLIE IS HOT.

Tomorrow is a little get together at the lab, nothing big, not the kind of stupid big productions we did in the past that wound me up and made me want to kill people, we're just ordering pizza or something. Anyway, it will be nice to just sit back and chill with folks, except that I hate half the people who'll be there, am ambivilant about most of the rest and only really want to get to hang out with 2 of the people that will be there. Whatever, it's less time that I have to sit here and do crap I hate.

I'm stalling. there's something I wanted to bring up and I can't...oh, I remember...this is going to require a new entry I think.

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