2004-03-24 - 3:22 p.m.

Someone sent me a link to Celebmatch.com.

You put in your birthdate and they will check your compatabilty with various celebrities.

FYI don and I got a 63% compatiblity ratiting. The physical was 68% (which is crap) Emotional was 97% which is just about right but intellectual was only 23. Imagine that.

Anyway, here's the list of people they think I'm most compatible with:

Brad Garrett 98%

Gerard Butler 97%

Andy Lau 97%

Busta Rhymes 97%

Noel Gallagher 96%

Now I like Brad, but the rest...uh, perhaps not.

These are my best chick matches:

Your best matches

Heather Locklear 98%

Mitzi Kapture 97%

Daphne Deckers 97%

Chasey Lain 97%

Alison Eastwood 97%

Mostly I don't know who they are.

Mark and I scored a 56% overall...I guess David was right on the phone last night. They gave us an 85 for physical though..that seems a little low.

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