2004-04-14 - 12:12 p.m.

Tuesday they get a late start.

The dad arrives very late, Norm has expressed concern that he won't show up at all.

I don't really understand this until dad arrives and can be smelled from 20 paces. He is without his son and having difficulty forming words.

He is out "tinman" "ductwork guy" "guy who will be cutting holes in our hardwood oak flooring".

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention. On friday when Norm stopped by to pick up the down payment he gave me a hug at the door. It began as a sort of cute old guy, reassuring hug but went on just a hair longer than needed. When he came to the house monday night he hugged me again, this time MUCH longer than comfortable and with a little squeeze at the end that made me want to hit him, except we had no heat.

So drunken dad arrives and comes upstairs and is now alternating between hitting on me and asking me to be his new babysitter for the kid. He's a single dad, the mom hasn't seen the kid in 3 years and the kid is ADHD and getting thrown out of schools for pulling the doors off of toilets.


I inform him that while I am cursed with being especially good with children I actually have a quite vehement dislike for the little monsters and he decides to clear a path from me.

I tell Norm it's my dream to cut up dead people, or even less than dead people, just for the pure joy of it and he seems less inclined to grope me.

It's good to be twisted.

The noise tuesday night is much worse than monday night, but it's an excuse to not watch my President's speech. I love W but I find it is sometimes easier to support him if I don't listen too carefully to what he's saying.

At last our heat is in, the men are gone and we can relax.

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