2004-01-16 - 2:15 p.m.

The Bug Ph.D stuff parts 2 and 2a.

Last night when I left for the day the Bug had taken his truck and his car. Neither were parked here. While I was pretty sure that he had simply left the truck with the agency he works for I prefered to see it as his desire to not leave his truck here anymore.

Part 2a looks like this.

He just called me, all jovial and his usual self, wanting to talk about CSI (more about this in another entry).

I was curt but polite.

Then he mentioned the 150th project that I'm working on with another staff member. He said that he wanted no pictures of him involved. I told him he was still a member of the department. He said he wanted NO affiliation to the school. I said, then stop applying for leaves of absence and quit. He said he has already left in spirit, he just uses it to pick up extra mail. I told him he's just screwing the department out of replacing him and that a real man would quit.

He was confused by my tone and started to make noise about getting off the phone.

Then I let him have it. Both barrels.

I didn't count the appologies but I can say without exaggeration they were more that 50. He sounded heart broken and embarrassed.

The sad thing is that he was upset because I took it personally. He still doesn't see how ironic it is that he's angry that no one took care of it, but that he did nothing to take care of it.


He's gone for 6 weeks now and that's for the best. When he get's back we'll see where we are. If he hung around now I'm pretty sure he'd end up among the deadwood pile in my life.

Dr. Bug have you met Gretchen, Terri, Tracy and Joey? They'll be your pile mates.

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