2004-02-24 - 12:13 p.m.

Someone read alot yesterday.

I had alot of readers yesterday, but somebody read alot of pages.

I'm guessing splink may have played catch up because she was away.

Still it's interesting because I was just thinking how I feel like crap writing in here lately.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to talk about and explore but sometimes writing in here is like talking to your friend about something really important to you and really difficult to work out and you're sitting there pulling open these wounds and all and your friend is just sort of sitting there, staring at you blankly or picking at their nails, or reading the back of a cd cover while you bleed all over the carpet.

So yesterday I put a bunch of stuff in the private diary. I gave one person the password to the diary because there is nothing he can't know about me, and nothing that would surprise him to read.

So I'm at a crossroads. Because I feel like I'm saying stuff that's important for me to say and I don't want this to be just about squirrels and what I had for lunch but I also hate to feel like I'm saying stuff no one gives a shit about when it's so important to me.

I guess if you didn't want to know you just wouldn't come and read it. And that would be okay. If you aren't interested, if you're sick of hearing it, then just stay out, don't come here no more.

I just hate it when you come here and then just look at me with that blank stare.

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