2004-01-30 - 11:00 a.m.

The KOI freaked me out today.

The KOI called me and asked me if I watched CSI last night. The KOI apparently hasn't been privy to the information that I am no longer allowing that drivel into my life.

Any rate, he said he DID watch last night and thought it was the best episode ever. He LOVED it.

I asked in a rather bored tone, "Which episode was it?"

The one with the furries and the plushies...and the skritching.

Okay. Background for those of you who don't have the full set of OOMM's Castlist Playing Cards right out in front of you (now available laminated and in full color with fun facts on the back).

The KOI is lucky he remembers his way home. The KOI has difficulty with high school level vocab words and if you use a new word in his presence he forgets it within seconds.

He had all the lingo down from last night though.

He is also not a good Gleaner, our KOI. Subtle touches are ALWAYS lost on him and yet he also noticed that "Grissom sure seemed to be enjoying the whole thing."

I proceeded to remind him that Grissom's last score was a "Dominatrix" (oh how I hate that word) and that he's probably pretty deviant in bed considering all we know about him.

THe KOI gave it more thought than I was truly comfortable with and then agreed a little more agressively than strictly called for.

I hear some people go to work and talk to their boss about office stuff...what's that like?

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