2005-01-18 - 1:39 p.m.

It's amazing to me.

Do any of you remember the drooling idiot? The one who whacked off in the bathroom? Loudly?

He failed out of school and therefor could not work here any more. He persisted though and is attending night courses.

He just showed up in my office. I looked very busy, which I almost kind of am, even though I've been writing alot here, but that didn't even slow him down. He slaps the night school course catalog down on my desk and says, "I need help."

I think about telling him that the proper thing thing to do here is to knock, ask if I'm busy and then ask if I have time to/mind helping him. I realize that it would be a waste of my breath and just ask him what he needs help with.

Now, you must understand. Classes start day after tomorrow. The time to sign up for classes was October of last year.

He needs to now what classes to sign up for.

So many levels...irksome.

Well...what does your flowsheet look like?

My what?


Nevermind, I have the flowsheet memorized. What classes to you need?

I don't know.

What classes have you taken with a passing grade.

I need Lit.


I took comp.

What about history/

I did those.


I want Organic Chemistry.

Let's walk before we run huh?
HOw about you take World Lit I and Basic Algebra.


He sits and just stares at me.

I open the book. Find the class codes and times, write them down for him and send him off to registration.

Let's hope he can start his car without calling me for instructions.

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