2004-03-05 - 3:58 p.m.

The Evil Dr. is in Hawaii.

Makes him all the more evil.

I proctored his night exam last for him last night.

The students are predominantly what I would call adults (over 30) and all female. They are in a masters program, most of them education.

One student showed up 45 minutes before the class was to begin. Another 15 minutes before, the others all arrived either just on time or just a little late.

I had expressed to the Evil One that I wanted to be out last night by 6:30 at the latest. (Survivor night, you know) and he assured me that they would have time to take the exam and then do water chemistry on the tank of fish they take care of.

I told him there was no way I was waiting around while they did water chemistry, I wasn't teaching his class, I was proctoring his exam.

If this were during my normal working hours I would have no problem with teaching his class, I've taught his classes before, but not on a thursday night pal. No thanks.

I was already pretty tired from an emotionally challenging day. My arms ache from this new program that Matt the sadist with the vampiric eyes has thrust upon me. NO way am I sitting there all that time.

So they were told they could take the exam and then go.

The girl who came in with 15 minutes to spare and started the exam right away was the last to finish. She was also the oldest of the group. She was a talker.

It was 7:15, now 45 minutes to Wapner with a 1 hour 15 minute drive home, not to mention still having to pack up my stuff and deal with the gate.

Old talker girl expresses that she doesn't think she did well. I take it as a throw away comment, everyone says that, but when I look up she is crying.

I get to hear her entire life story. She is a single parent. She lives in her parents basement. Her ex has dissappeared and hasn't sent child support in months. She used to be called beaker in undergrad classes because she was so smart and now she feels so stupid.

Fascinating, but in less than 45 minutes Sue Hawk is going to scream at my Jiffy over whatever the hell she's mad at Hatch for so could we move this along?

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