2004-04-21 - 4:14 p.m.

Eleven through Twenty:

11. I can't watch hockey even though I love it because the goalies make me want to beat them.

12. I only ever wear sandals, even in the snow.

13. I was told I would never walk again 4 years ago, but I do.

14. I love to wear ankle bracelets but think they look cheap on everyone I see them on.

15. I hate people to watch me, but love when they ask me questions.

16. I want to marry either Donnie W. or Ellen Degeneres and if I can't marry either of them then I'm not getting married.

17. Frequently when I eat a sweetart I wish it was prosac.

18. I quit smoking years ago but would still rather have a ciggarette than my next breath.

19. I'm super annoyed that Dobie stole my slinky.

20. I always wanted an ass like Melisssa Ethridge's.

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