2007-03-05 - 5:04 p.m.

A mishmash of an entry.

First of all, and most importantly to no one except me is the fact that some complete angel over at televisionwithoutpity.com made this cap for me:

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You have no idea the joy...

Anyway, as soon as I stop picturing the above happening naked we'll move on...

We may just have to move on with the image in my head.

Does anyone else watch The Amazing Race? If you do did you fall out of your chair with glee last night when Joe said "Rob is not Jesus."? Cause I did. I really don't think I've been as tickled pink by a single line in a very long time.

That being said I do love Rob. If you hate Rob don't bother telling me how much and why. I live with a Rob hater, my best friend is a Rob hater, your hatred only deepens my love. I'm even starting to love Ambuh.

File this under burying my lead but also:

Welcome to the world Anna "BabyBoobs" Kasisky!! The Original Boobs (accept no substitute) gave birth to the little booblet for whom I've been crocheting like a demon on Saturday.

To be honest I'm relieved because I don't think I've ever met anyone who wanted a baby more than Boobs wanted little Anna and I was scared it would jinx her and she'd lose her. But it didn't and she didn't and now we can all have a big thankful sigh.

I'm going to the Bruins game tomorrow night and I'm probably gonna get beat up because Wendiloo routes for whatever team the Bruins are playing (I should work that out before tomorrow huh?...Just kidding Wendi,I know who they're playing, really, I do...uh...just let me finish googling this completely unrelated thing...) and anyway she's not quiet about her allegance (nor should she be) so we're gonna get our asses kicked.

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