2007-02-27 - 4:59 p.m.

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I really feel for the people who write and produce this show (NCIS by the way) because I realized as I was talking to Dobie about the last episode that most viewers miss all the really great stuff that they do subtly.

I mean even less subtly than putting a naked boy behind a door with a ballistics sign where his ballistic bits would be.

He missed the entire point of the final scene of last week's episode.

I don't know how these people come up with this great stuff week after week knowing that most of the audience won't even notice it.

I'd put a bullet in my head.

And if you're looking for a correlation between this entry and why there's been no new entries in Que Sera Sera you might just have to read between those lines.

Or you might need to also know that I've been doing a mighty impressive impersonation of one of those dolls that you squeeze their heads and plastic snot pours out of everywhere.

Except without the plastic.

And you don't really have to squeeze.

But it's been a much shorter lived cold than most of the others I've had lately so things are looking up.

(heh, looking up. ballistics. Maybe I need less cold medicine and a nap)

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