2006-10-16 - 3:06 p.m.

I had a really cute kitty pic to share with y'all today but unfortunately the boys needed the camera out in the field before I could take the picture off the card so you'll have to wait.

In the meantime we'll just tell stories shall we?

I've been wanting to talk for days about how sick I am of radio killing songs. Maybe it's just that I'm getting old, because the same radio station that I worked for and revered in my late teens early twenties is jumpin all over my last auditory nerve by playing the same 2 songs every 20 minutes.

I remember that we were a power rotation station and I never minded that but I don't recall a song being played twice in one show not even, (and possible even especially not) the morning show which has always been primarily a bunch of (seemingly) loose (though in reality pretty scripted) talk.

I've heard Sexy Back twice in a 45 minute period on the morning show lately.


If I'm Timberlake I'm suing your ass for killing any market for my song.

I'd have bought that song if I had heard it a couple times. If maybe twice a week it was in my morning drive rotation and then I heard it once or twice during the day it would have left me wanting to hear it a little more.

As it stands I won't listen to that station at all until Sexy Back and Loosen Up My Button's comes out of morning show contention because I want to vomit from just the first 2 bars of either.

The really funny thing is that it's sloppy programming. In days gone by when you had to schlep to the record store and buy this big round disk and drag it home and then sit connected to your record player to hear a song it wasn't a bad thing to have a song show up on the radio a lot. It could travel with you more easily than any other format.

Now though? I can carry 10,000 songs in my pocket, what makes you think I want to hear one song from you over and over.

These stations with the shuffle format...the ones that will play any thing at any time? They've got the idea. It still needs a tweak but they've got it.

Stations like the one I'm talking about are relying heavily on morning show personalities and contests right now but it won't work for long. They need to step up their games or go the way of AM radio.

That'll be enough of that. Editing and programing- they're my passions. I like to fix what's wrong with stuff.

Speaking of which...

I'm reading a book by someone who's blog I started reading before I knew she was an author.

The book is called Save Karyn and it's nonfiction about how she moved to New York and got herself into $20,000 debt and apparently (I haven't read this far yet) made a plea on the internet and people made donations to help her pay it off.

I liked Karyn from her blog. She's real and funny. I mean, we'd be cool with each other if we worked together but she'd never be someone I'd hang out with and I'd never be someone she hung out with because she's more girly and impressed by designer labels whereas I'm more whatever I am at the end of the day and impressed by gore. Still I think we'd get along.

I got the book at the library because I'm too broke to go buying anything right now.

As I began reading I realized this was destined to be one of those books that makes me wonder why I don't have a publisher. And whether her editors were sleeping on the job. The overall tone of the book is open and funny, honest and human. I'm enjoying the book but I'm starting to consider counting how many times she uses the irritating nonword:

It's just feels like she's reaching so hard to be casual and cutesy. It could be that she honestly speaks this way (if this is true I can't begin to express how pleased I am to not have a cubicle next to hers) but it doesn't matter, I don't blame Karyn, she was a first time writer with no experience. I do blame her editor who should have take a red pen to her book like wild fire.

As I was reading it yesterday afternoon I was becoming less and less on her side. The girl owed her entire paycheck 3 weeks out of the month to American Express and the 4th check went to rent. Knowing this she still charges $250 purses and gets her hair done every month, a mani and pedi once a week...it's just so stupid. I began to get angry at the people who pulled her out of debt. Why should anyone be allowed to act so selfishly and then be rewarded?

Stay with me here.

As I'm reading this I'm reminded that I need a new clothing hamper for my room because mine has seen better days. I'm told that I should probably get one of those mesh ones that you can pull up to fit the amount of clothes you have in it and am immediately repulsed that anyone would keep their nasty smelling laundry on display through mesh.

Instead I decide that I'm going to go to Pier One and get a really cute new hamper. Something with dark wood and metal maybe.

Remember, I can't afford a book.

I start thinking about how stupid Karyn was to let her debt get up to $20,000 and then think about how I can't really afford an expensive hamper with cash right now, I'll just charge it. Oh, but my payments on that one credit card are already more than I can handle and the other card is very close to being maxed out.

I do some quick math.

My credit card debt is higher than $20,000. AND? I have school loans, a car loan, cell phone, insurance and a dog who creates roughly $285 in bills each month that he does NOT have a vet visit not to mention the frequent vet visits, the extra medication for his bad back, his eyes and occasionally his ears.

Oh AND I owe my mom $500 from his last vet visit because she insisted on loaning me the cash to pay for his x-rays rather than letting me charge them.

So I went to Wal-mart and I bought a nice and functional hamper that was NOT mesh but cost less than $20.00.

Then I bought some cute little gifts for a friend who's having a baby soon because I'll have to get her stuff eventually and these were totally cute and not that expensive.

I thought, wow, thanks Karyn because while I was judging you I was doing the same thing only at Wal-Mart prices instead of Sak's prices.

Lesson learned right?

Maybe not. Today I realize that I have about $23.00 for the week. I won't really need much this week, I have another $15.00 set aside for gas which should about cover the gas because I don't have to drive to work every day and my tank is almost full now. I have stuff to bring for lunch every day so I don't have to worry about that.

So this $23.00 could be put away for lots of things. It could be for next weeks bills, to wash my car which needs it desperately, to start paying off my mother, or to go toward a birthday gift for her because that's coming up. I could be saving it to buy Christmas presents.

My first instict today?

I need to buy some fashion magazines.

You might well be scratching your head. I thought you didn't care about fashion. Even if you did care you can't afford that stuff and you couldn't fit in it either.

All true.

But you see I'm obsessed with America's Next Top Model and I love looking at the poses and photo shoots and comparing them to what's current in magazines.

Forget that I have no time to look at these magazines really. Forget that the last 2 I bought when unread until I finally threw them out, I must have Vogue right this minute.

I'm going to fight the urge.

In the meantime if any of you love me as much as Karyn's internet friends loved her I'm taking donations toward those bills.

If you look at most of my bills they're almost all stuff I buy for other people, or donations to other people's causes. I rarely spend it on myself other than food and to feed my t-shirt addiction.

(Sexy Back is on the radio right now...someone give me a chain saw!)

And now Crate is invited to zone out because we're going to talk tv.

I continue to feel highly "meh" about NCIS. This just isn't their season.

CSI- You know any time you put my boy Greg in jeopardy I'm gonna get drawn in. Plus they're going back to stuff that worked, Warric and Nick bouncing off each other is magic. Warrick being all tough guy melts me.

Sara and Grissom again with just the exact right line between having a normal moment and making it sparkle just enough.

And as Radiovixen so astutely pointed out, Catherine finally found a way to not make someone else's drama about her.
Can I get an AMEN?

I finally saw Deal or No Deal for the first time and while I wanted to hate it because it's people standing in front of suit cases for goodness sake, I was sucked in and by the end I was squirming like the money was mine.

America's Next Top Model:
I loved the circus theme to the shoot but I thought the choices for the the girls characters lacked imagination. I think AJ could go all the way with this, if only she didn't look so much like Johanna from cycle 2.

Is anyone still watching this?

Amazing Race:
First of all let me say this I'm not tying a croc's mouth shut. Not because I'm afraid but because it seems cruel to me. Just leave the damn thing in peace. So we're doing the rice thing because there's no way you're going to talk me into abusing an animal. Keep the million dollars.

Then my partner miss Wendiloohoo is going to driving school because A. She loves the driving crap and will want to do it anyway and B. I'm so not even going to try that shit.

I was very upset when I thought the coal miner and his wife were going to be eliminated because they're totally making this race for me. Every week Mary (Mrs. Coal Miner) says something so completely hysterical (in that not really knowing she's funny she's just completely so NOT self aware kind of way) that I'm loving her.

"Look there's them dragons just like on tee vee!" You have to hear it in the thick Kentucky woods accent.

I forget what she said about the ocean but I laughed for a week.

Fortunately it was non elimination but they're butts are on the line next week.

Sadly my model/ex drug addict boys whom I still totally love aren't doing very well either.

Even more sadly the assholes are leading the pack. I'm hoping to see them go down in flames but since that horrible sleazy excuse for humanity and the whore that rode him came in first and second in Big Brother I don't have much faith in the good guy winning any more.

The CB behaving much like the old WB is moving their shows around so I missed this weeks Runaway and probably will never see it again unless I get the dvd from Don because the geniuses moved it to sunday night. My sunday nights are already hard enough with the fact that I'm not home until around 9 usually and can only tape with one of my vcr's and that leaves me chosing between Amazing Race and Extreme Makeover the only edition that ever took off. Ty and Preston by the way are looking especially tasty this season.

Tonight I'm going to have to tape "have you met Ted" aka "the Barney show" AKA the endless story of "How I met your mother." because I'm desperate to know what will happen on Deal or No Deal.

Also I'm crocheting a hat for one of the kids who works here and I had it finished except for one row and then saw a flaw back on row like, 3 so I ripped the whole thing out at 1AM and started over so I'll be doing that tonight.

And I might make candy apples. I bought all the junk to do the fake way instead of doing all the work to do it the right way.

Maybe I'll make beef stroganoff too, but maybe I'll save that for tuesday night.

Oh, one last show comment, Dancing with the Stars:
Sara...go home. I'm sorry for your personal problems, truly and I think you should attend to them, but girl, you should have been voted off long ago anyway, you can't dance. Take Jerry with you.

Now my fingers hurt and I've been away from the You Tube America's Next Top Model videos for far to long...oh plus I have to do some actual work at some point too I guess. (Kidding, I've gotten loads of work done lately)

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