2006-09-22 - 3:02 p.m.

I watched CSI last night.

I wasn't going to, I was going to watch it today, over lunch with Mae who was taping it. Then I realized that watching CSI, for reasons I won't go into here, would be a really good excuse to go and lie down in my bed for an hour. So I did.

The lying down was good.


I've watched it twice now (I had promised Mae and she watched Gray's Anatomy last night, just like so many people...CSI lost in the ratings, which was pretty predictable really) and I have just a few thoughts.

My first thought is that at no point in the show did I see Warrick's ring finger without a glove on it. Even when he was in talking to Brass he had his hands tucked in his pockets. I guess the writers think there are bunches of people out there who are dying to find out what happened with Warrick and the Mrs. If this were Season 2 or 3 I might have been one of them but as it stood, not so much.

I do want to extend big love to Capt. Brass who continues to be one of the few reasons left to watch CSI. The tattoo thing was moderately over the top but hey, I still love you, and if we're worried about over the top we have plenty of targets to hit before we take aim at you oh Captain my captain.

Now if a certain someone is reading this I'm pretty sure she'll be unhappy with me but I'd like to point out that even without a pornstache or bad hair our friend Nick still looked like hot fried ass. Old man ass at that. His face is catching up with him in a big way, in fact, all of them are looking pretty old.

Next week on Senior Criminal Investigation Services Warrick and Nick get on their hover-rounds and chase down a man suspected of stealing all of the Fixodent at Shady Hills Retirement Community.

Speaking of looking old Marg H should have a talk with the powers that be about putting her in some of those turtlenecks with the keyhole opening. If you light the face just right the wrinkles aren't so bad, and clearly CSI cannot exist without her cleavage but the old lady neck is disturbing.

As long as we're on the Catherine thing I'm exhausted at bitching about how it's always about her drama (honest to God how can people hate Sara because of her drama? She's the poster child for well adjusted next to Catherine) and we get a double dose of her drama in the 2 part premiere. Whatever, I was prepared to not give a rats ass about her and I don't. One of these days I'm seriously going to sit down and list episode by episode the melodrama re: Cat vs Sara and we'll just see.

Today is not that day.

Today is the day I'm going to rant about the fact that for an ex-stripper and all round whore Catherine has surprisingly little rhythmn. She couldn't dance to that John Mayer song at all. Let alone the complete randomness that she and Nick just happened to be at some club together hanging out and then Nick leaves with some blonde one song later.

Someone else also mentioned elsewhere something that irritated me about the episode. Why was Doc Robbins so worried about the blood contaminating the GSR on the dead guys hands when he would have had it there anyway from when David fired the gun by accident. Dur.

Ending on a high note I will commend the writers for handling the Grissom/Sara thing with unusual (lately anyway) grace. I loved that we got to see a moment like we used to enjoy back when we fell in love with these two: before the days of deep angst when they just genuinely liked each other. No heavy hidden meaning, and yet not keeping them so seperate that you're denying they exist in the same plane. Well done.

Also, the diarama(sp?) thing was cool at the end, I hope it's leading to something fantastic. I hope that the clues to who did this are printed in the little tiny newspaper laying on the little tiny table with the dead guy. Cause that? Would rock.

I'll probably end up watching the show on fridays at lunch when Mae remembers to tape it on thursday nights. In meantime I'll be shopping for a new thursday night 9pm show. I had been tempted by Gray's Anatomy but every single commercial and promo (the stars doing talk shows or entertainment magazine shows) I see is all about who's hopping in bed with whom and really? If I wanted to see that I'd watch Desperate Housewives. Which I don't.

Survivor looks like it's going to have another boring season. I'm predicting it's very close to the end of days for this show. Thank goodness Probst has something else to do with his time now. (he's in love, in case you didn't know)

What's on Fox at that time? Oh, nevermind, whatever it is now, you know soon it'll be American Idol somethingorother.

Next week I most likely won't be here in D'land. I've mentioned before that I have the week off and my intention is to avoid the internet and my cell phone. I'd like to take care of some stuff around the house and spend some quality time at the new library that opened one town over.

Maybe they'll have some good crochet books.

Plus I have some letters I want to write (remember how that worked, pretty note cards, ink on paper, stamps the whole thing).

I may actually be heading for a vacation that I'll enjoy.

Be safe everyone and thank you for all of your good thoughts for my boy, please keep them coming. He's on bed rest until next tuesday so hopefully by the time I come back I'll have him back in full working order.

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