2006-07-12 - 4:40 p.m.

Today is doubtless going to be one of those days.

My left foot isnít working properly, maybe due to all of the rain in the area, maybe just because it hates me. My back is killing me, mostly because I was too lazy to get up and shut the fan off last night even though it was freezing in my room.

My main route to work became a parking lot due to road construction and a few cops who apparently only detect traffic coming from the east.

When I do finally make it to work, Dobie brings my chair to me (it rolls) so I donít have to hobble through the building and before Iím even settled in behind my desk one of the new students comes to my office door to tell me I have a flat tire. I try to tell him that he must be mistaken because my karma cannot be that bad but upon inspection I do, in fact have a flat tire.

It isnít flat itís just flat. So I drive to the local gas station and hobble into the store, buy a snickers, ask for quarters for the air machine (on the real? You PAY for air now?) and hobble back out. I check the tire pressure and it is zip so I pump it up and then check the remaining 3 tires which are all healthy.

Back at work Dobie mentions that we have an air hose here and he couldíve just pumped it up here. Excellent.

Now weíre on tire watch 06. Iím hoping itís just a fluke because needing a new tire would mean selling a kidney or something at this point. Letís face it, Iím printing peopleís blogs off the net in lieu of book shopping, I canít really afford new GoodYears.

Adding to the joy of the day the KOI has made a rare appearance (new to the blog? KOI-King Of Incompetents is my boss and operations director of the marine lab) and so Iíve spent the better part of the afternoon nodding my head along with the circular and completely masturbatory conversations between the Evil Doctor (program manager) and the KOI.

In happy news we have a goose update. Despite having to brave a menacing lightening storm yesterday with golf ball (and larger) size hail the goose is in pretty good working order today. I saw her on the upper lawn having lunch with a squirrel and she was using her bad leg to hobble along (much like myself before I got to my office chair, perhaps we could create a goose office chair?).

Every day this week Iíve promised myself Iíd do an entry on my current project at home and the amusement and insight Iíve garnered from it but every day something else happens to override it.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Iíll bring the camera home tonight and youíll even get pictures. But I wouldnít be on that because Iím really tired and tonight will most likely be dedicated to lying on the couch watching So You Think You Can Dance. (Honestly how cool is Donielle- or however you spell her name?)

Oh, and since I brought up the teevee, anybody else watching Big Brother All-Stars?
Who knew I could be bored already by Kaysar? Why do I feel so dedicated to the Season 6 people? I mean, I kinda feel like I have to like Janelle even though Iíd kill myself if I were stuck in that house with her. And I VOTED for Howie to get back in the house but heís just been an annoyance.

Who could have guessed that something as quality as reality tv could let me down?

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