2006-05-17 - 1:09 p.m.

So much to say.

First you should all thank your lucky stars that I couldn't get to the computer right when I got in because I had a full head of steam about what happened on NCIS last night. I still have stuff to say about it but it's been tempered somewhat.

We'll get to that.

First I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to build an ark this weekend. It would have been nice to have all the little animals two by two instead of floating dead in the middle of my street.

Yeah we got some rain. The end of my street was the camp out spot for all of the news casts. We were clearly one of the two most impressively besieged areas in the state.

This is what the entry way to my road looked like yesterday morning when I tried to come to work:

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It's less impressive from the only angle I could get while driving, but I've never seen us sandbagged before.

This is the new house build down the road...nice garage:

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I'm sure they've always wanted an indoor swimming pool.

This is my next door neighbor's back yard. I would note for those of you unfamiliar with the area, there is NO water normally back there.

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Yeah. I didn't take photos of my basement, or of me spending endless hours with my new best friend the wet/dry shop vac. There wasn't a lot of the DRY going on. We didn't lose anything, thank goodness, though tons of people around us were being evacuated.

I kept reminding Ketos of how to doggie paddle with the cat on his back just in case.

When I wasn't sucking the water away from my heater or filling the bathtub with water to flush the toilet when they shut down the pumping station (they threatened to repeatedly but never actually did it) I was sleeping or crocheting.

I finished the blanket for the new Dobiebaby who is now here in the states and battling a small cold.

My first ever baby blanket:

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Okay, so I'll admit it's not so much with the fancy, but it's soft and I think it's pretty.

Also because I finished that I've made SERIOUS progress with Crate's afghan which is shaping up, though I'm regretting some decisions with it and if I had it to do again I'd do it differently. I'm hoping that Crate loves me enough to see the time and love that created it and overlook the fact that because it's my first time doing it, and I'm teaching myself, there are imperfections aplenty.

There will be no photographs of Crate's afghan until after Crate has it in his own hands.

Yesterday I tried to come to work because the basement had almost gotten to dry status but the drive was insane. I tried to take pictures of the various roadblocks and floods but my cellphone was all I had and the pictures didn't come out that well. After driving down endless streets that all ended in police barracades I went home.

Today's drive was much easier.

When I arrived at work today I glanced out my window to see an umbrella sticking up out of the ground with a small sign next to it. This was kind of far up on my hill so I walked up the hill sent my trusty student up the hill to take a picture of what in the heck was going on up there.

We have woodchucks. This is what Sean found:

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Nobody has any idea who did it but Sean says there are carrots in the hole. I think it's the grounds keepers, which makes me want to kiss them even if they are all sweaty all the time.


First of all let me just say that NCIS reaffirmed for me last night just exactly how much I love the Bug because he called me exactly in the middle of the season finale and I talked to him instead of watching the show.

I should have stayed on the phone.

I saw it coming from a mile away. When Gibbs got so angry with Mike (or whatever the hell his name was) for leaving, I kept saying, oh no, oh please no, but I knew.

So yes, he quit and I felt sucker punched. I literally felt like I was going to vomit.

As invested as I've been in CSI, they could have offed both Sara and Grissom tomorrow night and I wouldn't have been even a fraction as affected as I was by Gibbs decision to walk away from NCIS.

I actually cried myself to sleep. I understand that it's pathological, and I could explain it more fully but it would probably only make me seem more screwed up. Let's just say it wasn't all about Gibbs. Mark Harmon has eyes just like my daddy who died 14 years ago. We'll leave it at that.

Today I woke up angry at the writers for ruining Gibbs.

All the boards are saying he'll be back, and after reading Pauly's diary at CBS I believe that he will. I will watch, and I will love him but it will never ever be the same again.

Gibbs was the guy who never backed down, who never gave up because it was too hard, who cared more about the safety of his people than himself and who never walked away and left anyone a wreck.

Abby was a wreck. He didn't let her express it but it was clear (excellent acting Pauly P) from her face, her voice, everything, that she was inches from losing it, and he walked away.

I can't forgive him for that. I can't forgive the people who write this show for taking the thing that made me fall so fast and so hard for this character and breaking it into a billion pieces just as I was settling in for a nice long obsession.

I'll watch, as long as I'm sure he's coming back, but I doubt I'll watch for long.

It's intersting to me how CBS is shooting themselves in the face this season with so many of it's shows.

CSI has been slowly dying for awhile. Outside of the boards dedicated to it you just don't hear the buzz you used to.

Survivor this year? Snorefest. Cirie saved that show and should be rewarded handsomely.

Amazing Race? I couldn't care less who wins. I couldn't care less what they have to do to win. Predictable and boring.

NCIS? No one believes Tony can handle the lead. NObody. So clearly you're pulling out an old JAG stunt, done and overdone.

You want buzz? I don't watch any of it, but turn on your radio, listen in the halls of buildings, FOX is all over the buzz.

24, House, Idol...you had a good run CBS but you ran it into the ground.

Oh, I had to come back and add, my beloved friend(and future husband because I WILL get that honeymoon to Venice) Alan made this to cheer me up: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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