2006-04-18 - 5:01 p.m.

Yeah, new look.

I never quite got comfortable in that last one, maybe that's why I stopped writing here.

That hot babe on top (!) is Pauley Perrette, aka the Living Dead Doll (Abby) on NCIS.

The more I find out about this chick the more I dig her.

I always think of things to tell you guys until I'm faced with the blank space. Then I have no idea what I wanted to say.

Oh, I remember one thing, I finished my most recent Grissom/Sara fic called Fix. Click the link to my fic's and check it out. Reviews=love.

I'm way more devoted to NCIS at the moment. I'm thinking I've got a Gibbs/Abby fic in me but I have to wait until I've seen a few more episodes to get the Gibbs character down. I think I could write Abby in my sleep.

Here's something else. I had yesterday off because it was Patriots Day (also known as an excuse to not make us fight the Boston Marathon traffic) so I cleaned out a few drawers.

I found a page pulled from a magazine in 1985. It was of a wedding dress. When I very first started hanging around Jeff we were in class and I was flipping through a bridal magazine (someone had left it behind from another class). I saw this dress and loved it. Jeff loved it. I never thought about it again.

MANY years later when we got engaged and I started thinking about dresses Jeff pulled this folded up paper out of his wallet and yes, he had ripped that dress out of the magazine and stored it away, all those years ago.

I've always treasured it.

I unfolded it carefully yesterday, having forgotten completely what the dress looked like, but remembered the exact temperature of the room and every other aspect of the moment the first and second time I saw the page.

I couldn't believe it when I finally had it open in my lap 21 years later. It was the ugliest dress I've ever seen. Heinous.
I'm embarassed I ever found this attractive.


Is it wrong in any way to want a bunch of Goth junk for my 40th birthday?

Oh, and bebegirl Lilo? Abby and Ziva are mighty fine reasons to love NCIS. Ziva has a beautiful little mouth doesn't she? Reminds me so much of Yasmin!

Okay, now that we have colors I can live with we'll see if I can be more present.

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