2005-11-14 - 12:37 p.m.

I suppose I should write something.

I'm not feeling very "writey" and last week when I was I dedicated most of it to writing that "thing" I'm working on.

I guess I could tell you how I think I broke my little toe that got operated on just over a year ago. I ran over it with a grocery cart and now it's killing me. I'm having a particularly difficult time walking today.

In the end though that's not very interesting. It could have been. I could have created a story out of it, but like I said, just not feeling all writey.

I'm not feeling very anything to tell you the truth.

I think I used up all my emotions for the month last week when I was having the Nick melt down.

Incidentally Nick and I have decided to mostly leave it alone because we find it difficult to be friendly without being, y'know wink wink nudge nudge friendly which brings us back to hurting each other. So here's where we're at for those of you with score cards:

Nick and I are going to speak if we feel like we have something to say, we are NOT going to contact each other just for a little hello or whatnot because that always leads to wink wink nudge nudge behavior which is for us, unhealthy. We are also going to try seeing each other when he is here again with the rest of the band and see how that goes. If it's too painful for either of us then we go back to avoiding each other.

How do I feel about this?

I'm numb. Maybe tomorrow I'll have feelings about it, but for today, I just don't care.

Charley is trying to work out a visit here soon and initially we were going to try and get it so that he AND his lovely wife could come (because I never get to see her) but then he decided that she and I would run off and do girl things and he and I wouldn't get the time to properly hash out all the potential disasters I seem to be creating for myself lately (whatever) and etc. so it was decided more or less that he would come alone.

I hope it isn't this week, or next week actually because this week I really don't feel like going on any sort of emotional rollercoaster ride and next week I'll have all the holiday junk to deal with and not be able to steal away as much time to spend with him as I'd like.

I got an email today from ABC (I'm on some panel thing where I review tv shows blah blah blah) with the plot points for One Life To Live this week.

I used to watch One Life to Live when I was broken and stuck in bed all the time, at least I think that's when it was, I can't imagine any other time I'd have been able to sit around and watch soaps, but anyway, I haven't missed them until today.

It wasn't so much that the plot points seemed exciting as I missed being so caught up in something so silly. I just saw them and thought, "I wished I cared. I wish I still had time to watch that crap and be all excited about who was going to get hurt when whatever happens."

I miss the good old days on GH when Luke and Laura were Luke and Laura and Lucky was the REAL Lucky.


I guess.

Not that I'd still be watching anyway.

I'm still laughing at America's Next Top Model from last week though.

Lisa, you are pure tv gold. Don't let anybody change you. Except maybe that diaper.

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