2005-09-29 - 5:57 p.m.

At least E-beth loves me enough to tag me.

I think I'm on the dead to list of a bunch of people who used to love me but y'know, whatever.

Okay, so the above linked E-beth tagged me to say 5 things about myself, which is kinda, well, I mean, I do have a 100 (or is it a 101) things about me list... but I heart me some E-beth (I love you more, plus I'll shower with you and Crate won't...Your call)

1. I'm pissed off because the sun came out before I got to drive home in the rain.

2. I am so hungry today I have considered eating my own shirt.

3. I'm excited to watch Survivor tonight even though I know it's going to suck toad.

4. I'm excited to watch CSI tonight even though it's going to suck toad.

5. I want to make a pan of chocolate stuff tonight that does not, in fact, suck toad.

I refuse to tag anyone because no one ever does what I tag them to do because the only person who even bothers reading this junk anymore is E-beth.

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