2005-09-22 - 11:56 a.m.

Weird day.

David (the most boring boy in the world) will be home today. I don't know what time his plane lands or I'd be able to predict exactly what time my phone will ring.

If I know David (and I wish I didn't) he'll want to go out tonight. Even though I've already told him it will have to be tomorrow night.

I really would prefer to not see him at all, but I've managed to blow him off the past 3 years and so I guess it's time to just suck it up.

Maybe there will be mass quantities of alcohol and CNN.

If CNN is on I can deal with anything. Anderson...mmmmmm.

And especially since Andy's in Galveston now...hurricane whipped Cooper= good times.

Oh right, we're not talking about Anderson...we're talking about today, and it being weird.

I want to do a vague, "you know when you think...

great. DAvid...on the phone DAMN. He's here already...

He was calling me from the van that he's catching home from the airport. Honest to God.

At least he told me what the plan is for tomorrow night. We're hanging out with the one brother that I can almost deal with, sadly also with his brain dead wife, but we're not staying home and playing bored games (no, I didn't mis-spell that, and yes, I love board games, but not with these people) instead we're going for drinks and a movie.

I asked what movie and he said he didn't know. I said, I'd only go if it was Corpse Bride. He said that's not out til December. I said you're a moron and gave him movie times (pulling myself away from cnn.com to look them up).

So it's decided. Corpse Bride. YAY! That's almost as good as staring at Anderson. Maybe the bar we go to before the movie will have anderson on.

uh, so the other thing that I was gonna be vague about but think I'll just flat out say.

You know what? Never mind. Because if I talk about it at all it deserves its own entry, but I'm not sure yet that I want to talk about it.

See, I almost forgot and had to come back to include...

I'm not even remotely excited about a new CSI tonight-that's not good news for the show really.

Also, America's Next Top Model last night?

Hey KIM? Marry me?

She is stunning. I love her. LOVE HER.

She must win.

One more add, just for Crate:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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