2005-08-31 - 4:23 p.m.

I'm slowly feeling better. It might last it might not. We'll see, but I need to clear the taste the last post left in my mouth, so lets talk about something else.

When will Clooney and Pitt show up on tv with "An Evening with the Stars: A Telethon for those hit hardest by Katrina" ? It will be soon, that's a pretty good bet, within the month. Ever since 9-11 Clooney's been on a telethon high.

At least we know what we'll do when Jerry finally bites the big one...George's Kids...they'll have to change a heck-a-lotta balloons.

I don't have alot of sympathy for folks on their roofs right now (is that rooves? I've never thought about it before).

Get out means go. If you stay then okay, eventually we'll get to burning your body but otherwise quit yer bitchin.

This is one of those times that I'm so sad I don't have cable because it's causing me physical pain to miss Anderson Cooper's 360 every night.

I was able to see a short clip online and as he was explaining how he was safe he nearly disappeared from view. He was caught in the mud and going down in the water...I do so love me some Anderson.

Maybe tonight I'll watch some old Mole tapes instead of sleeping.

Somebody who reads this has to have CNN, a vcr and love for me...please,do me a solid, just tape me up any random ANderson Cooper stuff and put it in my mail hole, please?

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