2005-08-19 - 4:07 p.m.

Adam and I were talking about Big Brother 6.

He's seen it exactly one time.

I was saying how mad I was that Kaysar put out last night by the cumguzzlingwhore Blow Job Jenny (who had seriously better think about changing her face and identity before she gets out of that house if she wants any kind of future outside of porn).

I was telling Adam how I love Kaysar.

He didn't know who Kaysar was so we went out to the classroom so I could put in the video from last night and show him Kaysar:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the conversation we had.

Adam: You really like this guy?

OOMM: Are you kidding? LOOK AT HIM.

Adam: Yeah, but he looks almost, EVIL, kinda.

OOMM: Adam?

Adam: Right. I should learn to think before I speak.

I mean, Kaysar isn't evil. He's not. He's smart enough to be evil, and he certainly is Machiavellian enough to be evil, but he isn't, but Adam thinking that I would NOT like him because he looks evil?

Why that just goes against everything Ada m should know about me.

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