2005-07-07 - 1:23 p.m.

Driving in this morning I started to think about Hypercolor.

Does anybody else remember hypercolor t-shirts? The ones that said "Grab me here" or something like that and would turn colors from the heat of your body?

I don't know why (possibly because I was going for Overlord of the Dork People) but I thought they were the coolest thing ever.

Back then I also thought that Z. Cavaricci's were magical and made every guys ass look bitable, but then, maybe I was just a whore. (Seriously though, if E-beth had seen Mac in a pair of Cav's she'd have passed out).

Speaking of olden times...Jordan told me last night that he was frightened of a place hidden deep deep inside me that longed to be one of the dancing chicks on Dance Fever.

I don't think there is another person on the planet that would have made that assessment considering my complete refusal to dance at any time for any reason, but the scariest part is how right he is.

I'm gonna say it, I love the nightlife, I love to boogie, on the disco ahhhiiiiiiii.....


I wanna do all that flying around over some guy's head and all the quick turns and behind the neck holds.

I was kick ass at it when I was 10.

And I had super cool platform shoes and rainbow jeans with the flared legs.

I was so hot.

Hmmmm. speaking of hot,let me just throw this out there, since E-beth asked (sorry, no linking I just don't have the strength)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now let me get on to the rant of the day, which if you prefer, you can think of as a public service announcement:

Salem Massachusetts is an old settlement colony type of city. The streets were designed to allow passage of one small horse and buggy and nothing more. The are by and large crooked and end blindly, emptying onto another small, crooked road that you cannot see, and no one can see you.

This is only ONE of the MANY MANY reasons we (and by we I mean of coure, I) hate tourists.

Driving to work today I was in a line of traffic that looked like this:

car from Conn.
car from Maryland
car from Deleware
car from NY
car from Maine trying to pass me every time the entire line of traffic slowed a fraction of a mile per second.

It was bad enough when we were going in a crooked straightish line, but when we hit the rotary I thought every single motorist around me was going apoplectic.

Making it through the rotary with only 4 ambulances involved we pushed forward.

It really trips everybody out when there is an ACTUAL horse and buggy in the road. No one can move around them and they don't exactly move at a speed you can work with.

So here's the thing. STOP COMING HERE.

Go south. They LOVE the tourism and visitin in the south. They'll fill you with whisky and grits.

Here we might just hang or stone you.

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