2005-06-30 - 10:42 a.m.

You know how you're going through your life and things are on this kinda even keel? Well, I mean, things have been a right mess, but then they start to even out, and you just feel like you're starting to get your feet back under you?

And then you know how someone from your (not all that distant) past pops up and is like, hey let's hang out?

And you don't even consider it because for goodness sakes who needs the drama that will cause? And really, you just aren't even in that kind of a mood?

And then he kisses your neck?

And suddenly you're in that kind of a mood?

And then you think about that one other person who kinda really pissed you off and hurt your feelings recently? And how much they would KILL to be the neck that's getting kissed by this particular (no so distant past) person?

And you think hey, my life's actually been pretty boring lately, and it's summer so really, what the hell?

yeah. That.

Oh...wait, you weren't agreeing just then were you. Sorry. Sometimes I hear what I want to hear.

Anyway, who wants to make movies in Boston? That's so stupid. Isn't that why God made California?

Oh, and also, yay all you lovely people that didn't vote for Joey last week so I could get to see his smart ass face when he took the dive this week!

Wish I had taped it.

Oh yeah, and one last but very important thing? E-Beth loves me! Thanks babe, that made for a great ride home!

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