2005-05-03 - 1:55 p.m.

Happy Birthday to me.


Mom gave me my gifts last night (because it is physically impossible for her to wait until the day of something to give a gift) and these are two of them for your viewing pleasure:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's damn cute and matches the new flip flops I bought myself (but didn't take a picture of).

The necklace wrapped around the top of the purse was also a gift from mom. This one blew me away because I saw it on the neck of some chick on tv months ago and I said how I wanted to crawl into the teevee to rip it off her neck because I loved it so much. Then I forgot all about it and then, bam there it was for my birthday.
From my mom I also go (not pictured cause none of it is here with me):

A pair of cookie monster capri pajama paints which you damn well know I'm wearing to work.

Socks to match cookie monster pajama pants.

Black "Bad hair day" with wacky looking redhead girl pajama capris which I will also be wearing to work.

Lavender/green and blue striped pajama pants with a matching lavender top which I would be wearing to work only the top doesn't fit so after the exchange I will be wearing to work.

A HUGE hardcover book on all types of psychic stuff (color meanings, coin readings, tea leaf reading etc).

And this bear:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In case you can't read it (I'm not sure how clear this picture is, I didn't preview it) The crab hanging out of the bear's mouth says "Don't bother me...I'm crabby!!!"

Then I opened my gifts from Wendiloo because the box came a day early and I'm not gonna sit there and look at a box all night.

I got my easter bunny (yay!) because Wendiloo has been down for the count and unable to come home since Feb. Plus the cutest monkey wearing a birthday cake on his head (I so wish I had brought him to work so I could take his picture) holding a gift card to Payless Shoes (YAY CUTE SHOES!), a really pretty pair of giraffe earings ( I purely love giraffes) and these books:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

One of which I very nearly bought myself the other day at Borders while I was out shopping for Wendiloo. These books are the best and I will be sharing scans of them for days to come.

Then I watched tv (Season finale of Supernanny, I'm so sad. I love Jo) and went to bed.

This morning:

Ketos decided that since it was my birthday (and we've all been praying so hard) he would be pretty good about getting his shot so that went pretty smoothly, then he ate most of his breakfast without much prodding.

I had a new outfit to wear that I bought last week that just happened to match my new purse.

Driving to work all of the usual construction nightmares were all quiet and no one cut me off even once.

Arriving at work everyone asked how I felt after yesterdays vomit festival. (Better thanks).

I opened my email and got tons of birthday greetings, e-cards and wishes from people I talk to every day and people I hardly ever hear from anymore.

(Beth wins best E-card, and best e-card site (Pickle Party).

Boobs2 called to see if I was ready for lunch (20 minutes to 11AM- sure why not?) I was.

Boobs2 bought me these:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

which I know for a fact you are totally jealous of cause I would be if I were you.

I love that happy bunny. I'm running away with Jim Benton (happy bunny creator).

Oh, I forgot to say that last weekend my aunt bought me a totally cool raincoat. It's all Pucci patterned and so amazing. I picked it out of course because I wouldn't trust her to pick my nose let alone anything I would wear. Plus she bought me a purse that I said I liked, it's wicker like with sparkly fish...I'll have to take a picture because it doesn't sound cute, but is.

Another aside...but it's my birthday so tough...I was in Cumby's the other day and some lady told me she loved my purse she said she sees so many cute purses she'd love but they seem like they're "too much". She said, "But you seem like you have the personality to carry them off."

Uh. Cram It.


So anyway...then Boobs2 and I left for lunch with people from main campus and after a near resteraunt disaster (thanks Boobs2 you really do take care of me!) we ended up somewhere I love.

I had the tastiest prime rib dip you ever did see and a nice mud slide (yay!).

Boobs2 brought me back here and then one of my students brought me ice cream and another gave me a dunkin donuts gift card!

Yay birhtday stuff!

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