2005-03-28 - 11:54 a.m.

Weren't we just talking the other day about how when it rains it pours?

I know I was talking about how when I'm not so busy I don't have that many people around but then let me have junk to do and everybody wants to drop by for a visit or chat on the phone or GOD FORBID make me go out in public.

Well I thought last thursday night that I had filled the last of my social obligations for a while other than the standing ones that don't make me break out in hives. I thought that with one possible exception I had seen all the drop ins that I would for awhile and after I hung up on Slave Girl I had probably had all of the out of the blue phone calls I would have for awhile.

Then friday rolled around and the evil Nick started calling and emailing and instant messaging and I had to spend the better part of the day explaining to him that I honest to pity wasn't power playing that I just didn't feel like being around him and that I'd see Charley if there was time for him to come around and not have it be part of the whole "band" experience, but otherwise I'd just see him when he had more time to hang out and not just because he happened to be in the state.

The thing was that it was a good explaination only it didn't explain why I couldn't just be in the same place as Nick and not come undone (you should pardon the pun if you understand it) when I can still be around so many other people that should, (in the Gospel According to Saint Nick) be much more difficult for me to endure.

How do you explain to someone who's morality is so remote from your own, who sees absolutely nothing wrong with the way that he is that you can't be near him because you are reviled and repulsed by your attraction to him?

You can't. Because a man like Nick is only capapble of hearing the part where you're attracted to him.

It's a disease.

How did this damn entry end up being about Nick?

I had two things I wanted to talk about...how there's never quiet with kids around (which I think is self explanitory) and about what was waiting for me at work this morning.

I guess it's gonna have to be a two entry entry.

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