2005-03-15 - 1:17 p.m.

A warning. I have nothing to say.

Whenever I say that I always end up with the longest entries but that's because I believe firmly in the healing power of rambling.

Last night I was going to tell you all about my laundry doing exploits today, because whenever I do laundry there areexploits and drama .

But then, last night I started pulling together the laundry, which has been done exactly ONE time since October and that was in December I think. Maybe January.

Either way, not real recently.

So I started separating laundry and ooohing and ahhhhing at the clothes I had forgotten that I had, which is always fun.

The thing is, I haven't even touched last years clothes yet, except for a few pair of jeans they're all still upstairs sealed away. I got alot of new junk this year, but last years stuff was brand new then partially because a change in size was experienced and also because we had the same laundry predicament then.

Essentially I could either sort through the clothes in my room, and mom's room and get it all together to go to the laundrymat today (y'know, while I'm at work, cause when else do people do laundry?) or I could go upstairs and dig through last winters clothes and bring down the fun stuff I haven't worn yet this year.

Sorting won because the stairs are covered in stuff that needs to go into the attic but I'm too lazy to carry up there. Like Christmas decorations.

Half way through the sorting I became ill.

It happens every time I have ribs for dinner, so I don't have them often, but they were in the freezer and we needed the space so out they came and then I was sick.

So, yeah, the laundry lay abandoned on my bed while I lie on the living room sofa.

Now remember, kindly, if you've been with us that long, that I bought a brand spankin new washing machine in October which hasn't been hooked up yet, so I'm not REAL happy with taking the laundry out to do it, but whatever.

I watch some shows, I read a little, say a rosary and then decide at 1:30 (early bird baby) that I'm gonna go to bed.

Except my bed is covered in laundry.

So I finished sorting mine, but neither myself or mom (who was sick from the ribs as well) felt like separating hers so it's still all at home, and dirty.

Maybe tonight I'll go upstairs,

I can bring down the St. Patrick's Day deocrations while I'm at it.

I'm sure I'll have them hung by the 4th Of July.

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