2005-03-04 - 12:20 p.m.

So I've gotten a few comments about how my diary looks lately. Some people really liked the dancing eyeballs, some people made sideways comments about "certain photos" and how they might make some people not want to read.

Well, the dancing eyeballs were just a little too happy/friendly for me.

And Ellen came down because she was throwing the whole thing off center. She will probably reappear in another photo very soon.

Because if you hate Ellen or have an issue with her sexual preference that would cause you to stop reading just because you saw a picture of her, then you aren't the kind of reader I want here anyway. Shooo.

None of the comments were incentive to change. I just couldn't believe I had left it alone so long. This is why I could never pay someone to make me some pretty blog skin type of thing.

I get bored too easily.

I'm unsure about these colors, but for now we're going to go with them. Partially because they were the only ones that didn't hurt my eyes, and partially because they make me think of those Valentines sweetheart candies that I've mentioned before.

Comments about the new look are welcome, as always but y'know, I'll probably only change it if I'm bored or if someone (important enough) can't see the text.

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