2005-02-02 - 11:57 a.m.

I need to be able to blog from my car.

Driving home last night I had all of these ideas about things I wanted to talk about here, they were funny and fresh and sarcastic and all those things that make a damn fine diary entry.

Then I went home, watched tv (which as we all know erases brain molecules) went to be d at a really decent time (1:20AM, of course then I treated myself to 10 more minutes of the Extreme Home Makeover How'd They Do That episode I taped monday night) and was off to sleep before 2AM.

It blows my mind that whether I go to bed at 2AM or 4 AM I am unable to get out of bed any earlier.

The point is that I then drove here thinking about how much fun it would be to get all of my friends together for a big party in like, Hawaii (even though that might be hard for Splink who has trouble with her Hawaiian roots, inside joke) for my like, 40th birthday or something.

I may have added some friends to the guestlist that I don't have yet. Like, I kept thinking how much fun it would be to sing a duet to that sheryl crow/kid rock song with Colin Farrell.

But when the Colin thing faded the logistics of all of my friends in one place started to creep up on me.

The guest list would have to include people that aren't really friends any more but are friends of friends still. Like Nick for instance. I'd have to invite Nick which would mean inviting Barbie which would mean my killing someone in Hawaii on my birthday.

See, not so pretty when you start thinking details now is it?

But, it would be my birthday, so maybe someone would do all my killing for me.

As a gift.

Oh, I'm rethinking this now. Come to my party, maybe you'll leave with a new friend, maybe you'll leave in a body bag.

What fun.

So, uh, yeah, the point is that:

A. If I could blog from my car you'd have something interesting here from my ride home last night that's been erased and replaced by Amazing Race junk.


B. If I had been blogging on my ride in instead of plotting a birthday extravaganza for myself some of you might not be dead in 2 1/2 years.

have a nice day

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