2004-11-29 - 12:22 p.m.

Shopping online is supposed to be easier right?

I do lots of online shopping, but I really resent the boneheads that do it all at the holidays and not the rest of the year. If everyone did all of there shopping online all of the time the stores would be better equipped to deal with all of us rushing onto their sites at once. As it is I've been waiting for my password page to load over at Casual Living for like 5 years.

I always have all of my Christmas shopping done by Halloween. Always.

Not this year.

I've got alot done, I've hustled in the past couple of weeks. Last night it almost all got wrapped.

I have not a single thing for my mother which is just wrong and sad.

She's too difficult to buy for is the problem.

I found one thing I knew would please her and the company no longer sells them. I found a few other places that sell them but they will ONLY ship UPS and that's $20 shipping for a $30 item. Screw that. I'll build the fucker.

Froogle is no help. I searched "adjustable height folding tv dinner craft tray" and they came back with a wheelchair. Yes. that's exactly what I wanted.

Could someone call Ty and ask him to build me a rubber room pretty please?

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