2004-11-22 - 5:19 p.m.

You know that song, I've been a bad bad girl, I've been careless with a delicate man...

It keeps playing over and over in my head today.

I called Don on my way to work because I feel like complete ass today and wanted comfort.

I made the poor boy get out of his warm bed, get dressed (It was optional actually, I didn't really need him to be dressed) and drive through morning Boston traffic to meet me in a parking lot, kiss my forehead and tell me "there there."

That was it.

Mostly it.

there may have been kissing that did not involve foreheads. possibly.

I wonder if some day kim's divorce lawyer will be tracking down my diary.


Anyway, I got my little there there which helped alot.

Then I wanted chicken soup about 20 minutes after I got to work. I called the place that I love their soup, they said they had it, I went and the shop was completely gone. what the hell is that?

I called them again, they said they're a town away now. Ugh. I can't be doing all that driving, haven't you heard? I'm sick.

So I had a can of campbells with the intention of calling don later to bring me better soup. Later never came though because we had a meeting at work during which I'm certain I flatlined at least 3 times out of sheer boredom.

Now I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sneak out of here in the next five minutes so I can get a head start on calling him to meet me on the way home for another forehead kiss.

Yeah, okay, hell, but at least all my friends will be there.

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