2004-11-15 - 4:36 p.m.

Lately there's been some stuff, emotional stuff, and I've been trying to ignore it. I write more when there's emotional stuff which is how we went from vague-middle-ish of Grissom's Hands to nearly done Grissom's Hands and a spin the bottle story.

The emotional stuff is not even remotely romantic emotional stuff, but coupled with the cold or whatever that's been threatening my edges lately it's making me very tired and achy and just...

you know those really deep sighs that you aren't even prepared for them and they blow out of you without premeditation?

that's how I feel.

When I get that way I'm much easier prey for something (one) that I can normally resist. He's been home so much lately, it's too much.

I gave in.

I saw him.

Don's my kryptonite, maybe. Does kryptonite make you feel like everything is going to be okay until you move 10 feet away from it?

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