2004-11-05 - 4:07 p.m.

Grissoms Hands
Chapter 13

One of the officers cleared his throat. “Your brother has a son? Any idea where he might be?”
Gil looked truly surprised for the first time since Sara met him. His eyebrows sat high on his forehead as he focused on the card. “I don’t…I have no idea. It could be that his personality split, I guess it’s possible that he has a son; I’m concerned that it’s also possible that he’s abducted a boy to act as young Miles, a chance to change his past… I’m at a loss.”

When he looked up his eyes found Sara’s and locked. His fear was palpable, his desperation to find answers obvious, but only to her. She sucked a large breath in, searching for something that could ease him, the best she could do, “There’s all kinds of stuff here to suggest a child, but not a lot of evidence of an actual child. No mess, no kid food, no little kid toothpaste or child’s toothbrush. Maybe he’s just got the kid in his head.”

This got the lip purse of consideration from Gil, which she decided was better than fear.
Officer Rourke decided it was time for a closer look at the bathroom and baseball themed room. The remaining three went to check on the back yard.

The door in the back of the house swung open easily, no stick, and no elbow grease required. “It’s like a different world back here,” Sara blinked in the bright sun. Trees in the back had been cleared away; the lawn was obviously cared for, though not in the past few weeks. There was a swing, a ball and bat and three chaise lounges. The back edge of the land was a ledge with some brush. Gil made his way toward it and found a large aperture telescope. Close behind him Sara let out a whistle, “Orion Skyview…3.6 wow, didn’t know that was even on the market yet. That’s a serious scope. What was he looking at?” “Go ahead and look.”
Grissom didn’t need to put his eye to the ocular to know what Sara was about to find.

“I can read the water bottle I brought you when you were planting the tree.”
“Can you see in the house?”
“Just the window where the two chairs are, her curtains are closed, I can’t see more.”
“I need to know if he can see the keypad to the sanctuary.”
“No way. Even if the curtain was open, no way.”

She straightened and slipped her hand into his. He kept his eye on the horizon but gave her hand a little squeeze. “If you hadn’t come…” he couldn’t finish the sentence. “I’m here. I couldn’t be anywhere else. I can’t even picture sitting in Vegas in some hotel room without you right now.” “You’re braver than I am Sara. You’re stronger in so many ways.” “I just have less to lose.”

Officer Baden cleared his throat. “I found a car. Late model Corolla parked in the side yard. He must’ve had a pathway we didn’t see. Car’s locked, I’ll look inside for extra keys.”
“Waste of time. He wouldn’t leave them behind. Might as well leave it for now. If it’s important you crime scene guys can do a better job right now than we can. I’d say it’s time to get to the belly of the beast.”

Officer Baden looked confused, Sara clarified, “Basement.”

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