2004-10-25 - 11:49 a.m.

I really want to get my feet in good shape. Then I'm going to start getting the rest of me in good shape because now I have a goal.

If everyone is right and I'm wrong about the whole Wendiloo vs OOMM weigh issue (only one of us can be in shape at a time) then Wendiloo and I can get all buff (ish) and get on The Amazing Race 35 or something.

First of all I know we could win the damn thing because we're both relatively intelligent, unafraid of most things, compliment each others strengths and weaknesses and we can completely tune out the whining and bitching of each other with really frightening alacrity.

Second, it would be really fun to see the world and yell at cabbies everywhere to drive faster in spanish even though you're in a country that speaks nothing close to spanish (I'm pretty sure they make you sign a contract that you'll do that).

Third and this is the best part, this is the part that keeps me motivated to live,
every single time we got to a pit stop (could they not thing of a nicer word for it?) we could say:

"Oh, are you still the host? We were hoping for Anderson Cooper."

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