2004-10-14 - 4:12 p.m.

Okay, if you know me this will be easier than if you don't but just try to picture me screaming as loud as you can imagine me screaming.

Now see if you got it loud enough by judging from the transcript of my last telepohne call:

OOMM: "Yo, Charl, what up?"

Charley: "You love me so big."

OOMM: "I love your big what?"

Charley: "Tell me. Tell me how big you love me."

OOMM: "I love you big. What are you on about now?"

Charley: "the 20th of this month. You will NOT say no."

OOMM: "Might want to rethink that. I don't even know the question and my answer is no."

(Thinking that this might be the date of the vegas show that SPLINK was excited about)

OOMM: "I'm not even sure I want to come to the show when you hit boston."

Charley: (laughing) "Trust me, you'll come to this. Oh man are you gonna owe me."

OOMM: "Okay, what's the 20th."

Charley: "We'll be in LA, taping a show."

OOMM: "What show?"

Charley: "I believe you've heard of her, a girl named Ellen?"

That's right kids.
Less than a week after my surgery, no possible way I can go and Charley offers me Ellen on a platter.

Now, how close did you get with that scream?

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