2004-10-14 - 3:45 p.m.

It's just...

So one of my students who smokes comes in and provides fire for my candle.

I then decide to eat lunch.

There are alot of flies in here lately due to the rotting green crab carcasses strewn around and the fact that the cleaning crew, while fabulous, insist on leaving the doors open.

I cover my lunch with a napkin while I play online and uncover to get another bite.

I uncover the lunch by flipping back the napkin. I get a bite of food and turn back to the screen and out of the corner of my eye I spy...hey, what's that smell..

you guessed it, the napkin's on the candle and it's firepalooza.

What was that about a safety meeting?

P.S. The smoke detector is directly and I mean DIRECTLY over where this occured and it didn't beep at all. Wonder if anyone ever checks those batteries?

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