2004-09-27 - 2:47 p.m.

It's been so long...where were we?

The drinking began.

We went and sat in a window seat, in a big plushy happy bench seat that is backed by a window with a view of the ocean most of the time (what else is there?) but at this point with the city of Tampa. We are greeted immediately by Teddy. Teddy is to become our closest friend on this moving nightmare, and this bench window seat our home base.

I am excited by all of the colors and the noises (our seat is located directly across from the casino so that we can watch people gamble for fun, or out of desperation). I'm enjoying my brightly colored drink, I tried new drinks every time Teddy would wander in our direction. I'd let him decide, "Whatever's next on the list and fun looking Teddy!" was my motto.

COSGU drank Cosmos exclusively and chain smoked.

I remember when I wanted to drink and chain smoke as a sole source of amusement.

I was 19.

It's been a few years.

I still like a drink. I still like a number of drinks, especially on a festive occasion like the first night of a cruise.

I'd still kill for a ciggarette, but we grow up and we move on.

Some of us do.

We've been sitting there roughly 20 minutes when COSGU announces that she hates this boat and that if she jumps off she could swim home from here.

This sets the tone.

I searched everywhere for the diary I kept during this time so that I could more accurately depict the goings on. I think it's in a box in the attic unfortunately.

I remember one rant that took up many pages about how she refused to take responsibility for her own good time. She really does expect frivolity to spontaneously happen around her.

That evening we went to dinner in the dining room. Here we are enjoying our lovely dinner:

I'm the one in the white sweater, COSGU is the one with the smart ass expression on her face.

More about dinner in the next entry.

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