2004-09-22 - 2:36 p.m.

Page 4 of the story that threatens to last until tomorrow cause I gotta go soon.

Oh, and before I forget, I'm developing a big crush on Lara Spencer.

Back to the story:

Psycho (not her real name) is COSGU's "best florida friend". Psycho is in her late 30's and has never been married. She hasn't had a successful relationship that I'm aware of and has changed jobs more times than I can count since COSGU has started hanging around with her a few years ago.

Psycho works in an office. She has a cubicle. There is a guy who has the same status in the company as she does, or at least at the begining of this story that was true (status is everything to both COSGU and Psycho, money and power).

This guy, we'll call him ROB (random office boy) passes Psycho's cubicle a few times a day and when he does he occasionally stops to chat. Psycho is in short bursts both attractive and funny, if she were new to my company and her desk were on my way to something I would stop and make small talk with her.

Psycho thinks this small talk is a relationship.

No really.

There is an office Holiday party and Psycho talks ROB into driving her. She thinks this means they are attending the party together, as a couple. She is horrified when she finds that ROB is driving a number of people. ROB is just a social guy.

She doesn't get that the other people in the car have the same status in ROB's eyes. She believes even still that these people are infiltrating her date.

She drinks too much at the office party (COSGU and Psycho both drink from sunup to sundown any day they aren't working, on the days they are working they drink at lunch and after work). She hangs all over ROB who has probably had a beer or two himself, but is not, from the reports I recieve, drunk.

When they arrive back at her house ROB and she somehow end up kissing in his car. It is unclear who kissed who, in the fuzzy recollections of the Psycho.

Here's the great part, or one of them, suddenly MID KISS Psycho freaks out about kissing him and RUNS OUT OF THE CAR AND INTO HER HOUSE without a word.

This was the Christmas before this Halloween party. Since that time ROB has tried to go back to the just being friendly when he walks past her desk. Once or twice they have had dinner or lunch with collegues, like, four people are going to lunch and one happens to be ROB and another says "HEy Psycho, we're heading out to lunch, coming?"

Psycho firmly believes that these are dates.

I'm not making this up.

So right before Halloween she gets a memo about a retreat that she and a few other people from her company are going on. One of the other people is ROB. They can bring Significant Other's on this retreat.

ROB is brining someone.

Psycho sees this and sends him an email telling him what a lying two timing bastard he is and that if he thinks he's going to make a fool of her in front of their entire company by bringing the "other woman" to a company function he has another think coming. She goes on and on about how he has no morals and how could he do this to her.

I promise you I am not making this up.

So at this great meeting of the minds we are calling a halloween party she is obsessing, ad nauseum about how this was the right thing to do right? Because he can't treat her this way right?

And every "woman" in that room, and I was, at 36 the youngest, agreed with her. They supported her in her indignation and fury. They fueled it.

And I had to be that girl.

I had to be the one who said, "uh, you don't think maybe he wasn't aware that the two of you were due to be married in fantasy land next week?"

No, but I did, I said that and more. right to her face and to the horror of the rest of the 7th grade class.

They had no idea what to do with me.

So that's how the party went.

The cruise was less eventful, and my point will have to wait because the Leprechaun and I are leaving now, on this beautiful, 80 degree, first day of fall to go drink on a boat and take pictures of Dobie.

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