2004-09-13 - 1:47 p.m.

Simon le Bon's underwear and an underdog ring.


What is in the bag is the chicken leg.

I threw away a different bag.

Probably the bag that has the all important date book inside.

Hey, it occures to me that you are all reading this backwards...no cheating go back to the first page of todays stuff.

Although anyone just tuning in will love that first sentence.


I realize that my all important date book is most likely sitting in the trash at work.


I hope that the cleaning people don't come on friday nights.

I decide I might as well get up and get started looking for the stuff I need for work so that I can get paid the money they should have paid me weeks ago. (Am I harping on this? Good.)

I drag my filing cabinet drawer to the living room along with all the stacks of bills, stubs and documents I haven't had the time to file since April.

I can't just look for what I need, now I must completely reorganize the filing cabinet.

Which I do.

Until 3AM.

Without finding a single thing I needed for work.

So there's friday.

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