2004-08-26 - 10:13 a.m.

I love that Wendiloo knows the actual name of Toby Keith songs when I'd have to guess at them.

Anyway, I'm here to say a few things quickly.

The work Gods are more hateful than ever and I am without phone or net service at work. This means the diary goes dark for the most part.

HOwever, I do have two things that need to be in the diary. One is a day late, the ohter two days early.

Happy Birthday Amber Rose!!! I love you baby girl. I tried to call you yesterday but mom said you were out with your "gang", hope it was magical.


Congratulations to Boobs and her main squeeze who will be tying the noose on Saturday.

I asked her man today if I could sing "Here come the boobs" as she walked down the aisle.

He thinks it sounds exactly right.

this is why she's marrying him.

Love to you both and best wishes even though, you know, I don't actually believe in the whole love/monogamy thing. If anyone can make it work, you two can.

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