2004-08-23 - 11:50 a.m.

It mystifies me how some people have no sense of someone else's space.

I know one person, she's nobody's favorite person. NO ones. I'm sure she isn't her mother's favorite child, I'm guessing her children love her but they even have to think it's enough with her already.

That said, she has no sense of personal space. When she talks to you she has to be within inches of your face so that you can feel every word.

Trust me, this is not a person you want that close to you under any circumstance.

Then there are the people who think they're welcome everywhere.

Where I work there are a few offices. I share one with the KOI, the Evil one has an office of his own which for reasons known only to him he refuses to use and Dobie has a psuedo office which suits him as he doesn't really require an office for much beyond checking his email and his surfing message board.

The Evil One is always either at Dobie's desk or in my office. If he is at Dobie's desk and I"m not here Dobie will occupy my office.

What is that?

I would never just decide to use the evil one's office. Never. I feel like I'm invading his space if I go in to throw away a piece of paper.

Then there's the desk thing.

Everyone here seems to think my desk is the dumping ground for anything they don't know what to do with. Paperwork, equipment, left over lunch..you name it, they leave it smack in the middle of my desk.

I throw it all away.

All of it.

Also, while we're on the desk thing, why does everyone think that anything on my desk is okay to read.

Dobie, even the students, constantly come in and pick up anything on the desk and just start reading.

I'm just shocked. Who does that?

Then there's the boundary thing with Dobie.

If he's in a conversation with anyone, and the door is closed I wouldn't dream of just interupting. If I'm in MY office, with the door closed having a conversation, EVEN IF I'VE INFORMED HIM THAT THIS IS A CONVERSATION THAT IS PRIVATE he invites himself in and will just stand there listening.


Is it me or is this completely insane behaviour?

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