2004-07-22 - 11:59 a.m.

I feel a color change coming on somewhat soon. The cool watermelony thing was nice at the begining of the summer but it's starting to wear on me now.

I'm also thinking I might need a new banner up there, though I haven't quite decided what yet.

E News is reporting that Jorja Fox (Sara) is coming back to CSI. There's no way their going to have the first episode shot in time, especially since they're still in discussion with George Eads (the amazingly uselss Nick).

I have an idea, since they're obviously feeling so receptive over there at CBS.

How about we spin Nick and and Catherine off into their own show.

CSI:Vapid City.


Lessee, what else is going on in the world of OOMM.

I don't really have much to vent about, well, okay, I do, but I'm not that worked up about it.

Mostly I'm avoiding the work I know I need to finish. I suppose I could go get more of Chapter 10 done, but I feel I'm neglecting my little diary lately.

It's been a busy summer. Crazy busy. Busier than ever.

Here's something worth mentioning.


There is this little moron who works for me. One of those people that you wonder how she crosses the street by herself.

Splink knows who I mean, the rest of you can only well imagine.

Anyway. She wanted to tell me something, ask my help with it realy, a few months ago but she told me that she didn't really want to tell me what it was because I always run my mouth.

True. Actually, I told her, as she was talking I was planning on running right to the diary to talk about what she had said.

The thing is this though, and I told her this, if you don't tell me, "hey, don't tell this to people" then I figure it's fair game. If you say, "keep this to yourself" then I do. It's that simple.

So I told her that and she told me her issue and I told her I needed to tell just splink and she gave me permission to do that. So I told Splink, only splink.

A few weeks ago I discovered this crush on the leprichaun. I was all giddy and girly and wanted to girl talk about it but felt I couldn't with her because I realized that she runs her mouth WAY more than I do. I've yet to have a single conversation with her that hasn't come back to me from 4 people.

She offered me the same deal, tell me to keep my mouth shut and it's shut.

So I took her at her word and confessed my crush.

Now I find out that she's run her mouth. To everyone.

Including the crush.

Not that he doesn't know by now, it's become more of a joke between us. But she didn't know that. SHE just ran her mouth.

The scariest part of all of it is this. I know she doesn't think she did anything wrong. Because she never specifically said the words, she just teased and hinted. She made it plainly clear but she isn't really bright enough to know that it's the same frigging thing.

So, lesson learned.

Punishment in effect.

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