2004-01-27 - 9:54 a.m.

Wed. is Wendi Loo's birthday but the odds are decent that I won't be around too terribly much. I'm not going into work I'm going to be working from my bosses house (and doing my laundry and keep your fingers crossed, getting my heap of a car inspected).

I wanted to take a new picture of the LooWhoo to put here on her birthday because the old one just doens't do her justice anymore.

LooWhoo has been in Transformation mode and is becoming the exercize queen and new clothes goddess which will just be two more things for her to beat me at.

competitive little thing that she is.

Any rate, I can't begin to list the things here that make her special. If you've met her then you know why she is and if you haven't you couldn't possibly learn it here.

Happy Birthday Wendiloo!

I love ya!

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