2003-10-31 - 12:35 p.m.

Happy Halloween and all that.

Although halloween isn't going all that well to be honest.

Screwed up alarm clock this morning bought me a late start to my day. Then my student who was supposed to be working until noon had called my boss at 11 to find out what she should do because I wasn't here and she wanted to leave and wasn't sure whether she should lock the gate. So boss is looking for me. Great way to start the day.

Then I get here and Katie calls which is a good thing, only she's in alot of pain which is a bad thing. Katie's having some problems from an animal bite that are NOT GOOD so I did what I could to make her laugh and make her day just the least bit less horrid and then started working on what was supposed to be good times.

I ordered shrinky dink ink jet paper online and had planned on printing out a bunch of stuff today and then making shrinky dinks sunday night with splink (splink and shrinky dinks). This was going to be fun and easy. Except that everyone wants to tell me what picture they want and so I have to try to make those work and it's not as easy as it looks let me just tell you that right now.

I could leave work right now, only I'm working on the shrinky dinks. If I had a good printer....oh, I was just about to say if I had a good printer at home I'd do this at home. You know what? I have a good printer right here that's for the lap top...that's coming home TODAY and I can play with the shrinky dinks all weekend.

Big Happy Yay!

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