2003-10-30 - 11:58 a.m.

It just goes to show is all.

Today I look like a freak, but it's the day before halloween so I guess it's allowed. I have on a skirt that is homemade, with bats flying across yellow moons. I have a bat hair clip on and witches on moons dangle from my ears.

I am far too fat these days to be considered hot by anyone who doesn't already know me.

So I stopped at the store this morning to pick up something for a friend and am flirted with, like heavy duty flirted with by this guy. He is of average build and average looks but a sweet guy. I flirt back only a little and am otherwise just nice to him because I don't really want him to ask me out, but the being flirted with by a stranger was nice.

I drop off the stuff I picked up and then have to make my way to stop and shop to pick up different stuff for the Evil One's class today, because he didn't ask this time and so I thought it would be nice to bring in a holiday treat for his students.

I am paying for my purchase when I am flirted with by the person behind me in line. A late 30 something, early 40 something attractive woman who looks like a prettier version of Patricia Cornwell. This pleases me no end because she doesn't appear to be the flirty type, unlike the guy who seemed, if I'm honest, a little lonely and willing to make a connection where he could.

I didn't flirt back with the Patricia look-alikeish because my transaction was finished and there was no way to just lightly return the flirt, I would have had to linger which would have suggested interest rather than flirtation. Instead I thanked her for her sweet comments and took my leave.

What does that go to show?

It goes to show that you don't have to wake up looking like yesterday's hottie of the day to have people respond to you. It shows that you just have to be open and willing to let goodness flow out and in from whereever and to wherever it's needed most.

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