2003-10-27 - 1:22 p.m.

What is it with people?

I don't understand.

I hang out at this message board that is primarily a place for csi fans that don't take themselves too seriously. Like, no one has been banned for going off topic like at some other csi message boards, but it's still friendly, you don't feel like you're going to be shunned for expressing personal growth like other message boards I've belonged to.

Anyway, you should all be really glad that I belong to this message board because it keeps me from going on and on about CSI in here. I mean, I mention it, but I'm saying this group and I can (and do) talk about csi for 6 straight hours a day 4 days a week, give or take.

Everyone on the board has a csi they'd most like to molest, except Geek who wants to molest some guy from some old britshow I've never seen, but we let her stay because she loves CSI without the need to leghump. It used to be that everyone was arguing over who got to got Grissom. When I say arguing, I mean good natured fun stuff. We decided to pass him around and if we were in a particularly frottagy mood, to share him. A few of the girls wanted a turn at sara, it's all good, no eyebrows get raised in this group. Shockingly few of us have any desire for Nick, or even Warrick, though when Gris and Sara are busy Warrick gets passed around to keep boredom at bay. If we aren't discussing covering one of them in raspberries we're talking about how much we hate Catherine.

That's the vibe of the board. So last week someone asked whether Billy and Grissom counted as separate. I caused this shakeup because I strayed from my rotation of Grissom/Sara/Warrick/Grissom/Grissom/Grissom to wanting all Greg all the time. Now the rotation was all messed up because it used to be Zambi who had Greg all to herself and she usually doesn't share but she loves me and agreed. So does Grissom count as a separate entity from Billy.

I said yes. Because as I put it I'd tear Grissom up but really have very little interest in Billy anymore. He killed himself with me when he sang at the cubs game (you aren't missing anything if you don't know what I mean). I stated that she could have Billy, that I prefer an intellectual and so would stick to Grissom.

This girl went OFF on me. She gave me a litany of reasons why Billy P. is NOT STUPID. She said that she was certain he had ADD and that's why he did poorly in school.

Babe, first, he was in school like 35 years ago, I'm probably not basing this on his grades.

Second, I didn't call him stupid. I think he's probably quite intelligent. I'm not questioning his intelligence, I'm saying I prefer someone who chases more intellectual pursuits than a 24 hour a day obsession with ESPN, which Billy has claimed.

Third, and most importantly, why are you so VEHEMENT? Billy, I can assure you, could care a roaches hissing ass whether I think he's an intellectual or a toadstool. Billy is not at home thinking, good gravy I don't know if I can get out of bed today, I mean, some girl I've never heard of prefers to fantasize about my character over me personally because I'm not intellectually up to her particular snuff. Perhaps I have wasted my life and should return to school. If it weren't for this other person I'd never heard of telling her off I'm certain I would not be able to enjoy a penny of the millions I'm making every day.

Eh. Rantus Endus.

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