2003-09-02 - 4:05 p.m.

Unfair is what it is.

It was to be a nice quiet day.

The Taras popped in, that's right, both of them. Together.

It was okay, it was nice. It feels strained talking to one of them, and it feels like the other just left, or never left, or like I've always known her.

Still, even a happy interuption is an interuption and so the nice quiet day planned for Dobie and I was interupted and that's unfair.

Then the girls left, and Dobie left very soon after. So I was alone and happily screwing around because when I wasn't visiting with the T to the power of 2 on their prePeruvian high I was working on editing something for the KOI which we won't go into now but most likely will at some point. So being alone I started playing over at the purple place and also looking for Cris Judd pictures obstensibly for Wendiloo but really I had a dream about him last night and felt like looking at him.

Happily trolling through CJ pics and I stumble on a pic of him and Jordan and another dancer. Now I've got one pic of JK and CJ but this one..I remember. I recall this one being taken. I remember the look on JK's face being because we'd just got done fighting.

Unfair to be hit with a whole new drama when I'm happily trolling.

So I turn my attention back to the purple place and just start getting into a conversation with Anya the smut writing goddess and the Evil Dr. shows up. Unfair.

But the most unfair is that the Evil one comes bearing gifts of chocolate for myself and Dobie. Mine is a rum ball. It is the single best rum ball I have ever eaten in my life. And it was a gift from the Evil One.


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