2003-08-28 - 2:45 p.m.

I need to write some stuff.

Fanfic stuff. I have so much Grissom and Sara in my head I think their thoughts are louder than mine.

Actually, Sara's thoughts, and what should happen to Sara...it's all Sara, Grissom is but a minor player in this.

Problem is that I have this headache.

Okay, here's what happens. When I'm supposed to write, and I don't, all the words end up stuck up in my brain like that twin that got eaten invitro in one of those Stephen King novels...Dark Half I think and then I get a headache and then I can't write anything worth reading at all, so then I have to do this...

blurting of words

This complete emptying of my brain, the writing and writing no matter what words come out, not judging them or changing them or controling them until some of the pressure is gone from my teeny little brain and then I can go back and try to write something that makes some kind of sense but see, by then I'm so sick of writing that maybe I don't bother and the viscious cycle begins again.

Except I'm judging the words because they're going here and there's some stuff in my brain that I would gladly throw out here except that they would SERIOUSLY freak out some folks I know and while I've been working along those lines for some time now I think that maybe some other folks might get unintentionally freaked right along with the folks I'm trying to freak and so...

And so. So I think that I'm gonna go do this in my secret private blog so I can say what I really really want to say but don't want to say less any of you actually freak.

You freaks.

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