2003-08-27 - 4:47 p.m.

Alright...lets give this another go then.

I was so ready to do this 6 hours ago when I got here and now, I care less.

Let's go backwards a bit.

JT calls me and says a bunch of hip things I don't entirely understand and then says..."Any rate we'll see you when we play Boston right?"

and I say..."Uh. When will that be?"

and he says..."October."

and I say..."Will Nick still be in the band in October do you think?"

and he says..."I imagine he will, he's the least likely to take flight."

and I say..."Then I wouldn't count on seeing me in October."

So it turns out that they're coming to play at Mixfest which I didn't know because who other than Splinky actually listens to Mix anymore?

The problem is that when I hear the lineup for Mixfest I actually want to go. Train will be there for goodness sakes. TRAIN! I love Train. And Bare Naked Ladies, who,lets face it you can only take in small doses but are fun in a situation like this, particularly since they have some song with Charley in it.

Mark McGrath will be there and he has a huge hard on for the Duran boys.

I kinda want to go to this show.

I ABSOLUTELY do not want to see Nick.

If is see Merry Death I will light both her and Nick into a pyre.

So I decide easily that I will not go. I can always see Train, they tour alot.

But then, really the whole show sounds good. So okay, maybe I'll go. But then I realize its at the Fleet Center and geez...I mean, I can't imagine going to a concert at the Fleet Center and being, y'know, out there with the masses. If I could be backstage or front row or something...which could be arranged easily, except that would mean seeing Nick and THAT's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

So I'm not going. Unless I crack.

So then this AM as I'm driving to work Charley calls. He wants to know what time I'm getting to NY.


That's what John was supposed to find out, when you were coming and if you needed a room or were going to just stay with one of us.

Hm. I have no clue what you're talking about.

The boys are at...I've already forgotten, somewhere in NY tonight and then tomorrow night they're going to the MTV awards, which could be quite useful cause then I could chase down Carson...but I digress...they wanted me there.

I did not know this.

Charley says, so get a flight and come.

Like it's nothing, which it used to be, and for them still is. It's something for me. And it's not about the money cause I know he'd pay. It's about acting like a responsible adult and dealing with the stuff I have going on at home instead of like a 20 something rock star...whatever.

There was a time I would have run right out there. Those days are gone.

Besides, I'm pretty sure Nick's gonna show up for the NY gig and NYC ain't big enough for the two of us.

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