2003-08-18 - 4:47 a.m.

Oh the joy of me.

I broke my toe this weekend.

Most folks would have settled for just stubbing it but not me baby. I go ALL the WAY.

So it's wrapped up, which is all you can do.

You wouldn't mind except its the worst possible toe. It's the toe that was already sore all the time and giving me so much trouble.

Good job this was the week I was going to take it easy anyway.

WendiLouWhooo and I are going on a whale watch on thursday. This will be interesting with a broken toe. Hopefully at this point I will no longer be as dependent on crutches as I am now. I can't see crutches on the whale watch.

Along with whale watch day are plans of eating clam chowda, steamers and lobster. Yum.

It's also Amazing Race grand finale day so needless to say Ms. LouWhoo and I are very very excited.

Last night Amy and I went to the movies to see Uptown Girls which is the kind of movie I would normally turn my nose up at as a "girl movie" but I'm embracing my girl side. I'm working on embracing my girl side.

On the way to the movie Amy ran over a cat. Poor Amy, she did everything she could to avoid hitting that kitty but the thing had a death wish. It was very sad but I couldn't stop laughing. I dunno if I was trying to make Amy feel better or just trying to make it less real or if it was a reaction against the girliness I'm embracing. It was very unlike me but I couldn't help it.

This weekend's grand driving days consisted of finding appropriate shower gifts for my cousin who is getting married. My family has such a lovely way of rewriting history. If it's something to do with anyone but me my mother will gloss it over in memory as people always doing the right thing. I don't have a single cousin that was married before their first child was born but my mother has them all married in her head. The problem is that this selective memory works in the opposite for me. I can spend every damn minute of my life trying to make her life/their lives easier but all they remember are the few times I took for myself or when things didn't go exactly as I'd hoped for them.

I try really hard to not bring any of that stuff in here because it can get bitter and angry and while I don't mind directing bitter and angry at some other folks, I hate turning it on my family who do give me so much and love me so much.

Some days a little leaks out though.

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