2003-07-25 - 3:34 p.m.

Today I decided NOT to spend the day at the computer, even though I have things to finish.

This decision came from a few different factors.

Factor 1:

If I look at that f'ing Annual Report for another second I'll scream.

Factor 2:

Wendi Lou etc. worked on me for at least 7,000 hours last night and I still couldn't turn my head when she left and we think that it's because of all the computer work. (Note to Wendi--feels way better today, thank you!)

*Side bar--Wendi brought me a balloon last night because I've had such a crap week!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Factor 3: Because of the Annual Report and also because Boss Boy has been in my way so much the past few weeks the office had turned into a trash pit. It was seriously repulsive.

So, taaaadaaaaa today I took the whole day

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